About Us

We began production in 01.10.2015 with our expert staff in 7000m2 indoors area in Antalya Organized Industrial Zone after long years of R&D process. In addition to, we are making serious investments to R&D and innovation constantly.

We pay a great importance to product laboratory process by using Swedish steel raw material. Sustainable quality and world standards are the two main factors we adopt.

We have a wide range of Bi-Metal bandsaw products by offering services in different pitches such as 19mm, 27mm, 34mm, 41mm, 54mm, 67mm and 80mm. In addition to this, we also produce bandsaws used in hard metal cutting with our M42, M51 (Chrome etc.) and M51 CRV (Rolled qualified metal) series.

We have representative offices abroad upon our samples we send abroad demanded and requested.
We believe that this initiative will have a great impact on our quality standards. We hope to work with you as well in the future with the first domestic bandsaw productions in Turkey and our other services.


To create value for all our stakeholders by adhering to our quality-oriented point of view and the values ​​we have. 


To gain a place in the world market by increasing the awareness of the EMT brand, which draws its strength from its advanced technology infrastructure and knowledge, as well as from its human resources.