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Emt Blades Energy and Recycling
Energy and Recycling

Energy and Recycling

The increasing importance of climate protection is gradually moving from traditional nuclear and coal power supply to renewable sources such as wind or solar power. 

At the same time, in the international context, the production of chemical products consisting of natural gas and crude oil still has great importance. To being successful, companies in the energy and recycling industry must ensure high reliability of the materials used and provide comprehensive service with high efficiency. 

The processing of steels used in the petrochemical industry poses a great challenge. 

Wind energy or hydroelectricity are classical renewable energy sources. The materials used must be durable in harsh conditions. Machining tools used in this industry requires special sawing tools. 

Emt Blades produces high-tech band saws that can be used with a variety of materials and offer very high performance in terms of cutting performance. 

Turbines, turbine shafts, turbine blades, impellers, compressors, drilling equipment, cooling systems, steam generator etc. are application areas.